As a grief coach, my ultimate goal is to guide individuals through the painful process of grief and support them in rediscovering who they are after experiencing a catastrophic loss. Losing someone or something significant in your life can feel like a complete uprooting of your identity, and it can be challenging to navigate through the emotions and find a sense of normalcy again.

Through my coaching, I strive to create a safe and compassionate space for individuals to express their emotions, fears, and concerns. I believe that the process of grief is unique to each person, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing. As a coach, I work with individuals to develop personalized strategies that cater to their unique needs and help them move forward.

My coaching approach is holistic, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. I understand that grief can impact all aspects of an individual’s life, and therefore, I address all these aspects in my coaching sessions. I focus on helping individuals reconnect with themselves, rediscover their identity, and develop new strategies for coping with their loss.

Ultimately, my goal as a grief coach is to help individuals find a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in life. I believe that while the loss will always be a part of their story, it does not have to define their future. With the right guidance and support, individuals can move forward with a renewed sense of hope, strength, and resilience.

As a grief coach, my ultimate goal is to provide a safe and warm space for my clients to share their experiences and have them witnessed. I understand that grief is a complex and personal journey, and it is my mission to provide a non-judgmental and compassionate environment where my clients can feel heard and supported.

In my coaching sessions, I encourage my clients to discuss and process what their grief journey looks like and how it is impacting their life and daily activities. By exploring their emotions and experiences, my clients can gain a better understanding of their grief and develop personalized strategies for coping.

One of the valuable tools I teach my clients is how to manage life in this new realm and navigate difficult moments. I provide small but powerful tools that can help my clients regulate their emotions and stay grounded when they feel overwhelmed.

I also offer interventions that help my clients develop a future-forward mindset and maintain a sense of connection with their loved ones. It is essential for my clients to have hope for the future while still honoring their loved ones’ memory. Through our work together, my clients can learn to envision a fulfilling and meaningful life, even in the midst of grief.

I am currently conducting all sessions via zoom. Individual Coaching Sessions are 50 min in length.

One 30 min coaching discovery call is available for all clients. This session lets us get acquainted, share concerns, or ask questions.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” —Desmond Tutu